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Vatan Discovery Set

Vatan Discovery Set

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All Vatan line products are hand-picked sourced from two small-scale tea productions we've partnered with in Iran - Lo Artisan and ChaiKar. You can learn more about our producers below.

Note: Lo Artisan's Traditionally Handcrafted Lahijan Tea is only available in our Discovery Set.

The Discvoery Set includes 5 varieties of sample sized pouches: 

Lo Artisan

- Fuman, Rudkhan Castle - Lightly oxidized Black Tea: Vegetal, sweet, light, with a malty aftertaste. 9 grams.

- Lahijan, Sarcheshmeh Village - Medium oxidized Black Tea: Fruity, woody, with a creamy astringent after feel. 9 grams. 

- Lahijan, Sarcheshmeh Village - Highly oxidized Black Tea: Robust, woody, with a sweet, creamy after-feel. 9 grams.

- Lahijan, Ali Sorud Village - Traditionally Handcrafted Black Tea: Floral, woody, with a mildly sweet aftertaste. 9 grams.


- Lahijan, Siahkal Village - Traditionally Handcrafted Black Tea: Floral, sweet, with a light astringent aftertaste. 9 grams.

Learn more about our small scale tea producers

Lo Artisan 

Mostafa Jamshidparvar and Mohamed Moradi are pioneering tea lovers that strived to revive the craft of hand-made teas done by their forefathers. Together they found Lo Artisan, a small scale production, in hope to preserve traditions and introduce new markets to their unique Iranian teas. In the local Gilaki language, Lo means "descendent/origin", a testimony to their single origin teas of Guilani descent.

Lo Artisan’s dedication to preserving traditional Iranian techniques whilst combined with modern-day science of making tea, has resulted in a unique product. Their high quality teas have received award winning recognitions at home!



Chaikar - meaning “tea farmer” - is a small-scale tea production founded by Masoud Esfahani in 2018. Chaikar’s hand-crafted teas are single-origin, hand-picked and processed by hand using traditional methods.

Masoud’s expertise, love, and extensive experience with tea has established him as one of the leading educators and innovators in the Iranian tea industry. His passion has led him to co-found multiple local and national organizations, all dedicated to education and improving the narrative within the Iranian tea industry. His work spans from expert training, educational tea farm tours for children and adults, and increasing awareness and dedicated efforts to preserve the neglected tea farms of Iran. 




We recommend brewing the Iranian Black Teas for a minimum of 8 minutes. Refer to each tea label for best brewing results!

Brewing Instructions

Please refer to label of each tea for detailed brewing instructions.


Contains Caffeine

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