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Signature Tea Set

Signature Tea Set

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Our Signature Tea Set - the ultimate Chai Affairs experience that blends tea and conversation like never before. With a hand-picked selection of premium Iranian Tisane ingredients, our tea set offers an opportunity to engage all your senses and create your own bespoke tea blends.

Each set can make at least 20 cups of tea/tisane. 

Included Ingredients

Our unique Tisane ingredients have been carefully selected and hand-picked to tantalize your senses, so you may experiment and craft a brew that is entirely your own. Trust your instincts and delight in the creation of your bespoke Tea & Tisane blends. The possibilities are boundless as you indulge in the art of blending, brewing, and personalizing your tea experience with those closest to your heart.

The Signature Tea Set includes:

+ Orange Pekoe Black Tea - 20g
+ Rose Buds - 11g
+ Dried Quince Fruit - 30g
+ Black Lime - 8g
+ Orange Blossoms & Peels - 10g
+ Borage Petals - 3g
+ Instruction card & tea preparation suggestions


Black tea contains caffeine and all other ingredients are caffeine free

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