Our Story

Welcome to Chai Affairs

I'm Mona and I have a deep love for tea and bringing people together over tea.

More than a beverage

A Medium for Lasting Conversations

Growing up in an Iranian household in Canada, tea was a central part of my day and a symbol of love and hospitality.

I was taught to brew tea at the age of 10, and from a young age, I experienced the power of tea in bringing people together.

Tea is always served to guests entering our home, and from there, a medium is formed for meaningful conversations and strong connections.

A Playful Experience

My love for tea and gathering with people inspired me to start Chai Affairs. I wanted to bring a new and playful tea experience into your homes, encouraging experimentation and personalization of your own perfect brew, using hand-picked Iranian tisane ingredients.

An Invitation To You

I hope you will share this ritual and create memories over tea with those you love and welcome into your homes.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your gatherings.