Floral Discovery Set

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Set includes:

- Rose Buds - 9 g
- Orange Blossoms & Peels - 4 g
- Dried Quince Fruit - 11 g
- Chamomile - 10 g

Each set can make at least 5 Tea Pots (10 cups) of Tea/Herbal Tea.
Also included are easy-to-follow preparation tips you can try for your Tea blend to be a catalyst of great conversations!


Flavour Notes:

Rose Buds  Delicate, pleasant, soft, and soothing rose character
Orange Blossoms  Aromatic, nuanced, with a subtle orange flavour
Dried Quince Fruit  Fruity, subtle sweetness, with earthy tone
Chamomile  Gentle, mellow, delicately floral

Customer Reviews

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Zainab Z
Delicious set

Delicious tea! The aromas are soooo authentic. They also included a special card which was a lovely gesture. Loved the entire set. Delivered super efficiently as well. Would highly recommend ordering for yourself or as a gift.