Valentine's Day Love-Kit - Aram [Special Edition]

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Our Valentine's Day Love-Kits are perfect for your cozy date-night at home, galentine's day with friends, or a solo self-care night! 
The Love-Kits include a 'Self-Love' OR 'Couple's Connect' Questionnaire, making your evening a night of self-reflection, building closeness, and being vulnerable. You can make your selection from the drop-down purchase option.
In the Persian language, the word 'Aram' translates to calm, a state of peace and tranquility. A state you can reach through the selected ingredients paired together in this set, that are known to reduce stress and help you relax
With a unique hand-designed notebook by Parisa Fine Arts, this aesthetically beautiful set is the perfect gift and self-care kit for your loved ones!  
Love-Kit Includes:
- Tea set to curate personalized Tea
- Saffron strands for 2 pots of Tea
- 2 Flavoured Sugar Crystals
- 'Self-Love' or 'Couple's Connect' Questionnaire
- Hand designed notebook by artist Parisa Fine Arts
Tea-Set includes:
- Black Tea - 30 g
- Green Tea - 30 g
- Lemon Verbena - 5 g
- Rose Buds - 18 g
- Black Lime - 14 g
- Borage Petals - 6 g
- Orange Blossoms & Peels - 8 g

Each set can make at least 10 Tea Pots (20 cups) of Tea/Herbal Tea.

Also included are easy-to-follow preparation tips you can try for your Tea blend to be a catalyst of great conversations!