Valentine's Day Love-Kit - Yalda [Special Edition]

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Our Valentine's Day Love-Kits are perfect for your cozy date-night at home, galentine's day with friends, or a solo self-care night! 
The Love-Kits include a 'Self-Love' OR 'Couple's Connect' Questionnaire, making your evening a night of self-reflection, building closeness, and being vulnerable. You can make your selection from the drop-down purchase option.
'Yalda' - A Persian winter solstice festival celebrated on the longest and darkest night of the year. A time where loved ones gather to read poetry, eat, and drink tea until well after midnight! Our Yalda gift set was designed with this popular celebration in mind. It contains herbs & spices that blend beautifully together and are perfect for the holidays! Paired with a special, hand-designed notebook by Parisa Fine Arts, that is in harmony with all the ingredients and the Yalda celebration! 
Love-Kit Includes:
- Tea set to curate your personalized Tea
- Saffron strands for 2 pots of Tea
- 2 Flavoured Sugar Crystals
- 'Self-Love' or 'Couple's Connect' Questionnaire
- Hand designed notebook by artist Parisa Fine Arts
Set includes:
- Lemon Verbena - 5 g
- Rose Buds - 18 g
- Cinnamon - 32 g
- Cardamom Pods - 27 g
- Black Lime - 14 g
- Orange Blossoms & Peels - 8 g
- Dried Quince Fruit - 23 g

Each set can make at least 10 Tea Pots (20 cups) of Tea/Herbal Tea.
Also included are easy-to-follow preparation tips you can try for your Tea blend to be a catalyst of great conversations!