Valentine's Day Love-Kits

Our special edition Valentine's Day Love Kits are designed to create a cozy night at home for a date-night, self-care night, or friend's gathering...we've got you covered for it all! The Tea Sets bring together the succulent flavours of Persia, including Orange Blossoms, Rose Buds, Dried Black Lime, Borage Petals, and Dried Quince (to name a few!). Experience the rich, delicately hand picked ingredients with all your senses, and construct YOUR own blend for yourself and family, based on YOUR instincts and preferences. The ingredients in each set have been intricately paired together, to enhance each other's flavors, and yet stand out on their own as well.

As part of a collaboration with the art brand Parisa Fine Arts, each gift set also includes a gorgeous, hand designed, one of a kind notebook, enriching the Tea ritual by encouraging self-reflection, mindfulness, and gratitude. What better experience than to journal while you're sipping your personalized curated cup of tea!

Also included, are easy-to-follow preparation tips you can try for your Tea blend to be a catalyst of great conversations!